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Water and gas pipe

Water and gas pipe


Vodokazoprovodnye steel pipes are designed for laying gas and water systems, designed for high pressure. They are much stronger than copper ones, they have a long service life, they fully comply with sanitary norms. Durability, reliability, recyclability for recycling, make them highly profitable.


Uncoated pipes, in contrast to galvanized, are less durable, more prone to corrosion from the action of chlorinated water.


Boiler and water and gas-conducting steel pipes are produced in accordance with GOST 3262−75 with cut or rolled cylindrical threads or without threads (in accordance with GOST 380−88, 1050−88) without standardization of strength properties, chemical composition. All electrically welded steel water and gas pipes have reinforced seam. They are made of two types: zinc-coated or galvanized. The thickness of the galvanizing coating is not less than 30 microns. Galvanizing heavies the wiring by 2−3%.

Classification of water and gas steel pipes
Accuracy For the application of cylindrical threads According to the state of the surface By the length of the pipe By length of thread


P increased

P is sliced.

H — rolled.

Without thread.


Nemernoy within the dimensional.

Measured length 4 — 12 m;

A multiple measuring with an allowance of 5 mm per cut and a deviation of +10 mm;

C — short.

D — long


Creation of water pipes, gas pipelines, heating systems, parts of water and gas pipelines.

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