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L90 - СuZn10 - C52400 sheet, strip, pipe

L90 - СuZn10 - C52400 sheet, strip, pipe

General characteristics

Processed through pressure brass brand L90 is not influenced corrosion. It is well deformed in a cold state, this property is used at drawing. For forging, chasing, and enameling are also great brand L90. It is widely applied as semi-finished products for the manufacture of various parts.

Brass L90

The main components Pb% Fe% P% Sb and Bi
Si Zn
88−91% 8,8−12% 0,03% 0,1% 0,01% Of 0.005% and 0.002%

Soldering soft solders

Simple brass very good connected with soft solders. Before you start soldering it is necessary to sweep the surface, or by polishing or etching in acids. As will sing is best to use alloys that contain about 60 per cent of tin. The content of antimony should be the minimum, as it is very similar in its properties to zinc. Soldering soft solders should be performed with chloride fluxes.


Single-phase brass well connected by soldering brazing, including silver, and two-phase — a little bit worse. In copper-phosphorous solders contain flux, so soldering brass using these solders must be produced without fluxes. Lead-free solders in the solid should be approximately 0.5 percent.


The simple weldability of the brass is much worse compared to copper containing no oxygen. To connect brass mainly used these types of welding such as: arc with a carbon electrode arc with non-consumable electrode in an inert gas environment, electric arc with consumable electrode, oxyacetylene, electric arc with consumable electrode in inert gas, the electrical contact, for example, spot, butt, and also roller.

Brass welding with tungsten electrode used in an inert gas environment, significantly complicated by the removal of fumes of zinc oxide, which greatly suppress the effect of the arc. Therefore welding these brass needs to conduct at high speeds.

Excellent results are obtained by oxygen-acetylene welding. When welding brass with a zinc content of 15 to 30 percent, it is necessary to use welding rods or wire of an alloy of copper and silicon. If during operation of the finished products they are not exposed to corrosion, you can apply brass with forty percent zinc.

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