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Sheet, strip Elinvar® - NiSpan c902®

Sheet, strip Elinvar® - NiSpan c902®

UNS 09902 Ni-Span-C 902 ®

Trade common name of the alloy: Ni-Span-C 902 ®. The alloy contains in its composition: Nickel, titanium, iron, chromium. Ni-Span under the influence of the external environment is oxide red-brown film and is not stainless. Available forms of rolled products are circle, welded and seamless pipe, wire, plate, sheet, fittings, flanges and forgings.

The chemical composition of the alloy Ni-Span
P Mn C S Ni Cr P Mo Cb Co Cu Ti N Fe Al In
0,04 max 0,8 max 0,06 max 0,04 max 41,0−43,5 4,9 -5,75 0,04 max         2,0−2,75   balance 0,3−0,8  

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