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The volume of Brazilian exports of iron ore decreased

31 July 2019
The volume of Brazilian exports of iron ore decreased

Argus Media summed up the first half of this year. According to her, decreased the volume of Brazilian exports of iron ore raw materials. He reached 162,39 million tons. Over the same period last year the figure was 9.8% more. The main consumers of Brazilian raw materials are Chinese enterprises. However, the volume of exports to China also declined. He made 87,09 million tons. It is inferior to last year’s figure of 16.3%. Export of iron ore to Japan has reached 7.28 million tons. The figure fell by 20.7%. The volume of supply in the Netherlands amounted to 6.86 million tonnes. It decreased by 28.7%.

Experts name one significant reason for the reduction of Brazilian exports. It was a disaster at the mine Feijao. In January of this year, there happened a breakthrough of the dam. Because of the serious consequences, had to suspend production of iron ore. Moreover, it was necessary to temporarily close a number of other enterprises. Thus, the activities of the Corporation Vale in these parts temporarily frozen. The Brazilian authorities require to take action to avoid the repetition of catastrophes.

Primarily, the reduction in exports was observed in March. The volume of deliveries fell by 25.9% compared to March 2018. In April there were also recorded a decline. However, this month it is 26.9%. Again, compared to the same period last year. In may, the figure fell by 13.8%. In June the volume of exports was less than 16.7%. However, at the end of last month earned 2/3 capacity. This applies to the largest enterprise Corporation Vale. It is located on the Brucutu mine, in the South of Brazil. Thus, in annual terms the volume will grow by 20 million tons. However, according to forecasts, in the second half of 2019, the export also declined.

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