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8 October 2017

Enterprise «Crimean Titan» will soon be able to use new technology to recycle waste. Its development involved scientists of the Ural University. The project is managed by the Director of the Ural Federal University Vladimir Rychkov. It is expected that in the next few years investments in research will be about 30 million RUB. The technology involves the optimization of the reprocessing of sulfuric acid hydrolysis. This product is a waste production of pigmentary dioxide of the Titan. The basis of the project — sulphate technology aimed at obtaining of scandium oxide and dioxide titanium.

To date, the «Crimean Titan» as a result of chemical processes in the atmosphere removes about 50% of the total emissions. Refers to the volumes of all stationary sources of Crimea. Such a high percentage of waste due to outdated technology on which the company operates. An additional negative point is its considerable cost. Profitability could only be achieved due to the high volumes of manufactured products. Employees of the Ural state University examined the chemical composition of the product acid storage. In accordance with the obtained results, the annual receipts of scandium oxide be about 10 tons. The number of dioxide of the Titan reaches 4 thousand tons.

In this nano-crystalline titanium dioxide is widely used in scientific, medical and technical areas. Using the substance as a Supplement, get unique materials. We are talking about sensitizers, photocatalysts, optical materials. In Russia, the dioxide of titanium is imported in full. Accordingly, comprehensive recycling waste acid storage could bring them back into production. Such an approach would not only reduce losses but also reduce the company’s environmental load.

3 October 2017
9 October 2017