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The growth of steel production in Africa

4 September 2017
The growth of steel production in Africa

July this year saw the production of blister steel Egypt with a volume of 535 thousand tons. In the same month last year, the figure amounted to 448 thousand tons. The percentage difference reached the level of 19.5%. In June the output reached 539 thousand tons. In the period from January to July 2017 the Egyptian production contributed about 3.6 million tons. Last year’s season ended with a volume of nearly 2.7 million tons. It turns out that in 2017 the index rose by 34.4%.

South Africa showed a decrease in the production of rough steel. This July ended with mark of 493 thousand tons. July last year, was pleased with 526 thousand tons. The fall is 6.3%. In June, the volume reached just 458 thousand tons. From January to July, crude steel production showed the result in nearly 3.6 million tons. This is 4.4% less than the same period last year (3.7 million tons).

Morocco was characterized by stability. In July of this year, as last, produced 45 thousand tons. The figure for the previous month on the same level. January-July 2017 showed a volume of 325 thousand tons. Accounting period 2016 — 280 thousand tons. The figure was 16.1%.

In Libya, annual volumes fell by 37.3%. Instead of last year’s July result in 27 thousand tons were produced 17 thousand tons. Compared to June 2017 in July, the indicator has not changed. For the first 7 months of this year was smelted 227 thousand tons. Same period last year to 331 thousand tons. The fall amounted to 31.4%.

If you take the whole region of Africa, in July produced about 1.09 million tonnes. July 2016 showed a volume of 1.05 million tons. Thus, the growth amounted to 4.2%. June of this year showed the result of 1.06 million tons. The period January-July 2017 the production of blister steel has reached 7.78 million tons. This is 10.1% more than in the same period last year (7.07 million tons).

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