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Uchalinskiy GOK has made a replacement

9 July 2017
Uchalinskiy GOK has made a replacement

Uchalinskiy GOK continues to technically rearm. We are talking about the separation of the grinding factories. Recently in the mill replaced ball mill. Instead of the outdated unit has established a mill, wherein the increased diameter of the drum. Unlike the previous it reaches 3200 mm 3600 mm Run of the mill in operation and its introduction into production chain by cosmelenia copper-zinc concentrate already produced. Today the engineering group of the factory is the debug mode operation of the installed technology.

Replacement of the mill — a decision aimed at reducing the fraction of processed ore. Plus this treatment will increase the percentage of extracted copper, zinc in concentrate. The plans of GOK to try out a new mill in the processing of several varieties of copper, copper-zinc raw materials. Ore is received at the processing plant the company Uchalinsky GOK from various fields. The list includes Uchalinskoe, Youth, Uzelginskoje, Lake district, West Lake deposits.

Despite modernization, profit Uchalinsky GOK in the first quarter decreased significantly. January-March net income was $ 560,8 million RUB. In comparison with the last year index score worsened by 50%. The revenue of the GOK fell by 1.2%, amounting to 5.4 billion RUB. Changes occurred on the background of increasing cost, which totaled 20.7% to RUB 4.1 billion. The revenues of the plant is formed by revenue from sales of concentrate of copper and zinc. The main factors affecting the financial condition of mining — fluctuations of quotations of nonferrous metals on the London stock exchange, fluctuations in rates. Accounts receivable of the company is of 2.26 billion RUB since the beginning of this year.

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