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BMZ: anti-dumping investigation violated WTO rules

23 July 2017
BMZ: anti-dumping investigation violated WTO rules

The European Commission announced the decision in respect of imported to the Belarusian fittings. Steel products of the Belarusian metallurgical plant came under the five-year anti-dumping duties. The company management assures — BMZ always acted within the legislative framework. So the decision can be considered ambiguous. BMZ, accepting it, planning to take certain steps that can alter markets. The press service of the BMZ announced that the company for 25 years in supplying high quality fittings. Its products have entered the European market and used in the construction sector. Also Belarusian fittings have been claimed in the reconstruction of iconic objects. For a long period the company has created and established many partnerships with the consumer. While BMZ has provided not only quality products, but also constantly improving technology. The efficiency of the enterprise certified by numerous international certificates, competitive awards. Key principles the BMZ has always been an honest confrontation of competitors and maximum satisfaction of consumer requests.

The results of the investigation «undermining» the cost of European goods reached the level of 2.8%. In fact, the price of Belarusian imports are not much different from the prices set by the European manufacturers. For some reason, was assigned the duty, the amount of which reached 10.6 per cent? The fact is that cost comparison of countries was carried out. EK was involved in the average calculation, based on our own experience. While not considered the differences in the countries of sales of goods, seasonal periods, etc. As a result, the margin has been created artificially. Over the last 20 years for the first time introduced such a small ad duties on steel.

17 July 2017
23 July 2017