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Svyatogor: a completed overhaul – run the unit

18 June 2017
Svyatogor: a completed overhaul – run the unit

Department of metallurgical melting shop of the company Svyatogor introduced to the work of the reverberatory furnace No. 2. Previously the equipment was completely renovated. The cost of major repairs amounted to over 100 million RUB. His opinion on the performed work was expressed by the chief engineer of the enterprise Alexey Metelev. Used in the production of reverberatory furnace — its design — can be considered a unique unit. That is the place the equipment is in copper smelting national sector. At the same time in the production process is always use only one reflective unit. To it have some of the strictest requirements. The oven should be completely safe. The equipment shall fully comply with specific to it functionality. The daily output of the matte should be 900 tons.

At this time the second furnace is typically located either on heating or on prolonged fixation. Given these factors, we can conclude the capital repair of the unit is considered a procedure of high complexity and responsibility. Accordingly, the ongoing work requires not only time and effort, but also material investments.

Repair of the equipment was attended by about 200 workers of four divisions of Svyatogor. The unit was shut down in early 2016. The overhaul period is more than 15 months. Repair work of furnace No. 2 lasted over a year, completely disassembled because of equipment. The work was aimed at construction of a new design, which required over 1,000 tons of bricks. Were also used about 160 tons of various steel structures and profiles. Thanks to new technical solutions were improved cooling and purification system. Also was greatness-term functionality of the various elements of the unit.

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