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New technologies in the production of Chepetsky mechanical plant

12 June 2017
New technologies in the production of Chepetsky mechanical plant

Chepetsky mechanical plant (CMP) was able to produce ingots of intermetallic compounds of titanium (VIT-1, and VTI-4).

Smelted ingots of multi-component titanium alloy was presented by the leading research engineer of CMP A. Alexandrov on the TITANIUM EUROPE conference 2017. This international event was held in may in the capital of the Netherlands.

According to A. Alexandrov, this technology was successfully implemented during the execution of orders for the production of ingots in aviaproizvodstvo. Weight of one ingot is approximately 450 pounds. To produce ingots of intermetallic compounds of titanium, it was necessary to produce large ingot d 45 cm with an estimated weight of up to 1480 kg. Next, it was subjected to cutting into several pieces of the required weight. This technology allowed to improve the main indicators of the metallurgical process. Also with this method it was possible to reduce the waste of metals between operations, labour costs. And most importantly — to improve the quality characteristics of the product.

Huge diameters, the considerable weight of bullion demanded to provide optimum heating of the electrodes prior to the melting and the cooling of the ingots. Careful monitoring was carried out for the acquisition of higher-level ingot of uniform distribution of alloying components. The developed technology allowed to obtain products without defects. The result is a high quality bullion. This assessment gave the development of innovative, leading research engineer of the plant A. Alexandrov.

It should be noted that for the last five years, the plant was able to start production of ingots, semi-finished products from titanium alloys 19.

So, in 2016 there were 8 of titanium alloys of high durable quality. This year we have already released 5 of these alloys. Almost 20% of the income received from sales of plant complex intermetallic ingot titanium alloys types of VTI-4 and VIT-1 (6 to 7 alloying elements).

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