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In the Kola Peninsula there is a check of the new production

15 May 2017
In the Kola Peninsula there is a check of the new production

Kola MMC has started the next start-up tests. Checked the main equipment and piping in the shop of electrolysis of Nickel. In particular, the work carried out in the «Syncookie». This redistribution is included in the investment project aimed at introduction of technology of electroextraction. She is highly efficient and provides for the cessation of smelting Nickel anode products. Now, as a raw material for the production will be used Nickel powder. It is produced in MPTP — tube furnaces.

It should be noted that Norilsk Nickel is the only manufacturer with a presence of its own NPP technology. In 2017, the industrial site of Kola MMC became the center of refining of Nickel. However, he is the largest in the world. Accordingly, the effectiveness of the implementation of the new production model largely depends on the development of the company in the future.

A new section intended to further purify NPTP solution from zinc impurities. Involved today technology is developing Nickel — zinc is eliminated when carrying out electric smelting. Once implemented the project of electroextraction, the channel will be eliminated. Accordingly, there is a risk of accumulation of zinc in the processing chain. The decision on the extraction of trace zinc NPTP will avoid this danger.

When cleaning will trigger a unique technology of liquid extraction. Reducing the amount of zinc in the further processing of raw materials in the electrolysis shop of the Nickel with the release of the metal to allow it to reach its maximum purity. Commissioning processes are expected to be held in stages. It is assumed that the integrated start-up and commissioning of the entire redistribution will fall in April this year.

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