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Pipes for

10 June 2014
Pipes for

The value of special alloys with high corrosion resistance for important industries and value-added industrial or municipal complex can not be underestimated. Especially needed such materials in the formation of load-bearing pipes, in the gas sector and in the sphere of oil refining or supply of heat and energy carriers in residential complexes or industrial facilities. At the moment, yet another confirmation of this fact was the implementation of a large-scale project in the framework of laying new pipeline in the system «Yamal». The whole complex of works in the sphere conducts well-known not only in Russia but also in overseas market, the company «Rosneft». For the formation of pipeline system of oil transportation by the branch «Suzun-Vankor» tube rolling plant, located in Chelyabinsk, undertakes to supply to the customer more than nine thousand tons of high quality resistant to damage pipes. Material for the manufacture of each pipe are prefabricated large-diameter (530 mm) with a nine-millimeter wall thickness will be corrosion resistant steel 09ГБЮ. Delivery time the main party of the goods by the manufacturer is planned for may and June of this year. To increase the service life of the pipeline and improve its performance every formative element in the process of manufacture is covered by one hundred millimeter polyurethane coating. As its contribution to the strength capacity of the pipeline system contributes galvanized shell pipe semi-finished products, which is about one and a half millimeters in thickness. Such a complex coating which not only provides additional protection basic corrosion of the pipe material, but also its high insulating properties is a fundamental prerequisite for successful and fruitful work of the transport pipeline. According to experts, the finished product is able to easily withstand significant pressure within the system to 6.3 MPa. Such a responsible approach is due to the fact that the finished pipeline will be operated in difficult climatic conditions. The temperature difference, which must withstand such a transportation system is evaluated from minus fifty to plus fifty degrees Celsius. By the beginning of next 2015, the builders are planning to take the oil pipeline into operation.

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