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DMZ Petrovsky: performance improved

28 May 2014
DMZ Petrovsky: performance improved

Dnepropetrovsk metallurgical plant them. Petrovskogo for the month of may has big plans, according to which must be shipped on 28 and 29 thousand tons of rolled steel shapes. This figure is 14% higher than the result last month. These results were made possible thanks to the consumers of the EU and their orders to the channel of the DIN standard. Unfortunately, the Russian market, meanwhile reduce its own orders, so that in June the volume of shipments to Russia will decrease considerably.

That to numbers, the amount of the total supply of channels amount to 22−23 thousand tons, which is more than the previous month by 1%, sales in the domestic market will amount to 3−3,5 thousand tons (an increase of 5%) supply in the Russian Federation — 3 thousand tons (reduction by 55%), export of shipments that are mainly produced abroad, according to preliminary estimates will amount to 16−17 million tonnes (up 28%).

The total supply of area will be about 6 thousand tons, representing an increase of growth in 2 times. While sales in the domestic market of the country is about 1 thousand tons (decrease by 28%), exports to other consumers (excluding Russian representatives) promises to increase 4 times that amount to about 5 thousand tons. Supply of products in Russia at the moment are not considered, in April, they amounted to only 100 tons.

Thus on indicators for the first four months of this year, the plant. Petrovsky sold about 100 thousand tons of rolled shapes. The figures below the results of last year’s same period by 31%. While supplies to the domestic market amount to 16.5 thousand tons (an increase of 45%), the exported volume fell by 38%, which amounted to 83.5 thousand tons.

Meanwhile, plans canadian international trade Tribunal review of antidumping duties on imports of Ukrainian rolled steel made from high-strength low-alloy and carbon steel. As it became known, the deadline of the adopted anti-dumping measures — 1 February next year, the investigation will be held till September 18 this year, the final decision will be made until the end of January 2015, stakeholders in the process must submit required documents before the end of September this year.

According to reports, canadian agencies, imposed duties on the import of Ukrainian rolled metal of high-strength low-alloy and carbon steels are valid for 5 years since February 2010.

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