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Higher prices for titanium sponge due to the reduction in its reserves

29 April 2014
Higher prices for titanium sponge due to the reduction in its reserves

The Titan and its derivatives in recent times are an important strategic and technological material for many industries. Because of this raw material due to a number of unique qualities and high efficiency is present almost everywhere from shipbuilding or aircraft construction, to medicine. However, the complexity of the production of such material on the background of increasing energy prices in the context of the global crisis and the downturn in consumer activity has led to fluctuations in the prices of important and essential for many industrial enterprises raw materials. Some enterprises suppliers were forced to preserve the production capacity, others worked on inventory, not wanting to give such an important material for next to nothing. And the trend of the price decline is not too bothered by many manufacturers. After all, experts predicted a new round of price increase titanium and concentrates as the depletion of existing strategic reserves among consumers. Currently, the predictions begin to come true. In the last days of the last week a rise in prices for titanium sponge was done in China. The reduction in producer inventories and a simultaneous increase in demand for these raw materials gave rise to higher prices for titanium products. And with luck, this trend promises to persist for at least another few months. Announced a similar state of Affairs in the field Titan trade experts from the analytical Department is well-known metallurgical Corporation Metal-Pages. The final price of the material depends on the quantitative composition of the raw materials. So, the sponge on the basis of titanium content 99.7% sold in price range from forty-two to forty-three thousand yuan for each ton. Titanium sponge 99, 6 the percentage of net material has a selling price from forty four to forty five thousand yuan per ton. Incidentally it is interesting to note that the actual sales value of the material virtually does not drop below the upper limit proposed by the providers range, and therefore, the shortage of essential raw materials there is on the market all the more urgent. Manufacturers of titanium say that sometimes it receives requests for material of a lower price category. However, given the small reserves of important raw materials for manufacturers, there is always a choice among consumer proposals, therefore, such applications are doomed to failure.

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