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The Russian copper market is growing, despite the crisis

28 April 2014
The Russian copper market is growing, despite the crisis

In recent years, the global copper market is constantly reeling on the background of the global crisis in the world economy. Prices for copper products has been steadily going down, adversely thereby affecting the economic stability of many countries. His contribution to this state of Affairs has made China, because the Chinese production at the time of rapid development was the main consumer of a large number of copper semi-finished products. In some cases, copper in China even served as collateral of Bank loans, which guaranteed the stability of prices in this segment of the market and constant development of enterprises, the well-established their products in the market of nonferrous metallurgy. Now after a phase of rapid development in Chinese manufacturing observed for a long period of decline, which primarily affected the Eastern dependent of the consumer industries of the European and international economy. Even the promise of the Chinese government artificially to support its Industrialists did not give the expected result. Even more fantastic are the results of the work in the first trimester of 2014, the Russian copper giants. Indeed, in the present copper industry of the Russian Federation not only does not feel significant shocks, but even stronger, ensuring the growth of export supplies of important raw materials of color. According to independent experts at the reporting period of the current year, the export turnover of Russian copper semi-finished products as the primary form and wire rod has increased significantly compared to the same time interval last year. So the quantitative expression of such turnover amounted to about one hundred and fifty-seven thousand tons. By the way, the equity participation of copper primary type in the total turnover has exceeded thirty-two percent. The net increase in volumes of deliveries in comparison with last year exceeded sixteen and a half percent as a quantitative indicator and cost expression. If you compare copper growth from the year before last, the increase in sales can be assessed at nineteen percent. Moreover, the net profit from such transactions rose by almost four percent. This trend can not but rejoice that the Russian suppliers. On the background of global economic crisis such the growth of the copper trade is indeed important and inspiring leaders of ferrous metallurgy on new beginnings and even greater victory.

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