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A new metallurgical plant

30 April 2014
A new metallurgical plant

For many decades metallurgy is considered one of the most profitable and popular industries. Therefore, even small fluctuations and problems with most of the known metallurgical concerns are not taken seriously. Manufacturers of high quality metal not only going to conserve any modules production, but also ready to build new, more modern enterprises. No exception is known to the Corporation «Dorelektromash», which is currently actively engaged in the development of the project of construction of a new powerful plant for the production of quality steels in a wide range of items. Platform for the implementation of such ambitious project was the territory of the Rostov region. The main complex of preparatory works in anticipation of the new large-scale construction is expected to begin in the summer of this year. The head of the developer Vyacheslav Beloborodov ready to start work in the Azov district and fully approved initial plans to bring his ideas to life. Currently, the management of the company implements the construction of a new metallurgical enterprise is actively working with banks regarding construction financing. If you consider the fact that the new steel giant has become a key element of the program of development of the region for the current year, a positive decision on crediting of the project is not in doubt. By prior arrangement the guarantor of financing the construction of important works will be the banking structure of the web. The working platform on which construction takes place, the region authorities given to the property developer. By agreement between the parties to this enterprise is planned to be built in the industrial area of Novo Alexandrovsky district. Currently, the project works given at the expert examination and active work in this area will be initiated only after a positive conclusion of experts. By the way, in parallel with the expert examination of the work plans of reconstruction of roads which will enable to deliver workers and equipment required for construction at the work site. According to conservative estimates, the new facility will be an important element in the economy of their region and throughout Russia.

29 April 2014
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