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The lead content in the construction materials affects the mental development of children

11 March 2014
The lead content in the construction materials affects the mental development of children

The negative impact of lead and other heavy metals from very adversely affect human health. Especially dangerous such proximity to children. Because the child’s body has not matured completely, so virtually defenseless to such heavy loads. The presence of such additions to everyday life can cause various diseases, including mental disorders in the child population. Additionally makes you think the fact that even in the absence of malicious production in the region the health of the people is under constant threat. Because heavy metals in different concentrations are present in many types of construction materials.

Studies that were carried out in this field by the Institute of public health, revealed quite a horrifying picture. For example, in a conventional plastic lead component reaches fifteen percent. Though manufacturers argue that this composition of material is absolutely safe, experts have a completely different opinion. According to experts, it’s all about how you will use the material. If such plastic is used for the cladding of walls, the inhabitants of the room, most likely nothing will happen, but if a dangerous plastic to be applied as a floor coating, which over time will begin to deteriorate from regular contact with the feet of the inhabitants of the dwelling, the risk will increase substantially. The constant inhalation of dust containing lead affects the mental development of children is particularly acute. Therefore, the baby in the room with plastic floors at risk of significantly lagging behind in development from their peers. By the way, the lead is not the only harmful component of building materials, which causes concern among health workers. In various types of semi-finishing contains almost the entire table of chemical elements. Such components can cause severe side effects and provoke serious diseases of heart, nervous and immune systems. It is worth noting that many of the hazardous compounds do not cause any allergic reactions and therefore their negative impacts day after day, at first almost imperceptible. The only sign of contact with the poison can become the gradual deterioration of health of all family members. When the problem is going to manifest himself to her notice, it is too late to change anything.

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