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Polar division of "Norilsk Nickel".

24 December 2013
Polar division of

At the beginning of each year, every company sets goals, achievement of which determines their success and competitiveness. Well, the end of the year is the best time to summarize how these plans were feasible. So, the polar division of «Norilsk Nickel» proudly reports that all the planned objectives have been achieved either in full, or ahead of schedule. So, the volume of work associated with primary Nickel, made of 100%, cathode copper — by 100.3%, production of cobalt products succeeded in indicators 1.2 times the expected norm. Thus, the total production at the polar division will be at 101% for Nickel and blister copper.

As noted by the user of ZF, such performance was achieved largely thanks to a few units. So, the mines «Taimyr» and «polar» significantly exceeded the plan for the extraction of ore and to ensure its processing plants, which in turn also exceeded the planned rules on the production of raw materials for metallurgical plants. Failed and other units — mineral complex, and transport, which in turn proves how important teamwork of all participants in a single process.

Moreover, all maintenance activities that were planned for the current year by ZF, is also made in full volume, what did not fail to notice the Deputy Director N. Utkin. except fixation was carried out partially upgrading, partially and replacement of existing equipment, which is bound to have a positive impact on overall performance. Moreover, the company’s development strategy provides for further upgrading, it is therefore a reasonable assumption would be that the volume required for the metallurgy of Nickel will be supplied fully and in time.

Left aside such areas of production as needed to improve industry safety, and liability in respect of labour protection. From now on training young specialists will occur in conditions virtually indistinguishable from regular everyday work and permanent employees will regularly be tested for knowledge of safety by independent experts.

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