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The prospect of development of the domestic non-ferrous metallurgy in the context of the European Union

17 December 2013
The prospect of development of the domestic non-ferrous metallurgy in the context of the European Union

Many branches of modern industry is directly dependent on the development of the market of non-ferrous metals and fluctuations in its vast expanses. Because almost all processing equipment and various critical structures in most cases do not dispense with copper, Nickel, aluminum, or other colored products. However, the volatility of prices for finished products and raw materials for their manufacture have identified a gradual decline in production of such materials in Russia. On the background of a well developed primary of manufacture of industrial raw materials in the field of non-ferrous metals, end-products, and finished items, even from local materials are often produced abroad. Even the existence of a few large enterprises on production of copper, aluminum and similar materials, which are considered to be leaders in the industry, in the context of the entire world community is not much help the situation.

If we consider the non-ferrous metals more closely, it can be divided into several price layers. The top layer expensive quality products has long been owned by the Western companies that don’t want to give up his place to anyone. The bottom layer of a relatively cheap, rapidly took the Chinese products. Due to fast and rapid development of the Eastern States in the industrial field, to oust her on this market segment is also quite hard. What remains of the Russian manufacturer? Our domestic product is presented somewhere in the middle between the Western quality and Chinese consumer goods. However, quite strong, and every day the increasing competition in this field, does not allow to hold the positions of Russia at the initial level. Further compounding the situation is the constant increase in energy prices and reducing the value of the final product, due to the oversaturation of their market. Given the specifics of the problem and lack of solutions, the majority of domestic producers reduces power and conserves the piece of equipment. Opening new fields gradually more upsets the balance between supply and demand. Although the development of aviation and aircraft building promises little to stabilize the position of the aluminium production. So perhaps in the near future recently stopped by aluminum workshop will earn with new force and power when upgrading and reconstruction.

16 December 2013
18 December 2013