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Power in your pocket or unique features of the Nickel

16 December 2013
Power in your pocket or unique features of the Nickel

Due to the unique properties of such metal as Nickel is not only used in many industrial compartments, but also can serve as a reliable power source for some electrical devices. The invention of the Nickel-hydride batteries 1.2 volts, which if necessary can be recharged ensured the independence of some of the electronic and mobile devices from the network.

Today on various segments of the market presents quite a lot of devices that allow you to perform recharging a mobile machine away from power lines. Most of this equipment uses as food the energy of sunlight. New batteries HydroBee is based on a completely different principle. They draw their power and strength from the energy of water, and a sort of miniature hydroelectric power station in the pocket of the user. The efficiency of such a device is not dependent on the weather, because the solar panels work well only in the presence of luminaries in the sky, not closed by clouds and clouds. On a cloudy day coefficient of usefulness of such a battery drops significantly. Thermoelectric charging requires the presence of a flame, not always in the campaign, it is appropriate to kindle a fire for charging the mobile phone. The new invention does not depend on the sun or fire. For its normal operation you only need to be close to any body of water, like a stream or river. Moreover, as the rate of flow in the reservoir and the water elevation or the time of day and year are of no consequence.

The design of the device consists of two compartments. In one compartment is a Nickel battery, which consists of six rechargeable batteries with a capacity of 1.2 volts. In the second part of the device is equipped with the impeller, the outer type and the port to connect the phone charger cable. At a time when the wheel rotates with water, the unit produces electricity feeding a mobile device. Fully charge all six batteries takes just a couple of hours, at a rate of flow of the river at least six kilometers per hour. If the flow rate is less, then charging will be a little longer. After complete filling of the battery energy you can easily use it to power your mobile device connection. The progenitor of this unique system was Burt Hamner. The preliminary retail price of the invention will be about ninety-eight dollars.

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