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Stability in the aluminium market – the basis of prosperity of Tajikistan

11 November 2013
Stability in the aluminium market – the basis of prosperity of Tajikistan

Some fever in the metals market in recent times has not spared and the aluminium sector. Therefore, manufacturers an important strategic material, involved in the aviation industry, rocket and many other important industrial compartments are set to decline in production and preserving part of the industrial capacities.

In the light of such developments, particular concern the situation in the aluminum market cause the government of Tajikistan. Because the Tajik aluminum plant company in the country (TALCO) not only plays an important role in the economy of the state, but also has a global strategic significance. Besides the constant replenishment of the Treasury, to such a venture provides jobs and regular income for more than thirteen thousand people. Today TALCO holds a key position in ensuring the economic stability of the state, because the aluminum acts as the main export commodity of the state. Despite the crisis of this industry, the Tajik aluminum company can still be attributed to one of the most rapidly developing companies.

Today TALCO is one of the largest suppliers of aluminium primary type in the context of the entire world community. The main problem, according to the management of the company is the lack of its own raw materials. Alumina is necessary to obtain important strategic material manufacturer imported from other States. Although in fairness, it should be noted that a certain amount of raw material to ensure the production of aluminium is still there. However, the assurances, the analytical center and the Department of logistics research the development of such deposits is so costly enterprise that, in the end, raw materials will cost much more than the product imported from abroad.

The realities of today aluminum company of Tajikistan survives due to tolling. This economic system allows you to provide a working wage, and combine the necessary raw materials. But on the other hand, this approach involves the exportation of raw materials abroad nearly in full and does not allow to develop the domestic market of the country in this industry. Despite the ambiguous attitude to popular in European practice financial scheme, in the modern market it is almost the only opportunity for TALCO to survive and expand production capacity.

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