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Medicinal properties of zirconium

19 November 2013
Medicinal properties of zirconium

Zircon — one of the varieties of the cubic Zirconia for a bright color with luster and the numerous tints very recently were widely used in jewelry, although today its rightful place in this field is pressed a cubic Zirconia, which is similar to that produced by synthetic means. However, the higher the popularity of an unusual material yellowish-Golden hue received for their beneficial effect on human health. It is widely believed that this raw material helps to improve the visual apparatus and effectively relieves fatigue, restoring energy and improving vitality. Also the influence of products of similar material to the pressure reduction. It is these properties of Zirconia has led to its use in the production of custom medical bracelets, which recently actively bought up by the population. Although occupational medicine and denies a possible connection between the influence of such metal to improve those or other functions of the human body, but improve the health of many who experienced the influence of zirconium for yourself speaks about a certain share of truth in this statement.

No wonder such a metal very much used in medicine, especially in such important areas as neurosurgery. During surgical intervention in the operation of any part of the human brain experts prefer to use zirconium tools and accessories. The positive impact of this material is marked by cosmetologists. If immediately after puncture of the ear lobe into the wound to see zirconium earring, a tear of the tissue heals fast enough without suppuration and inflammation.

Despite the complete lack of important chemical elements in the composition of cells in the human body a certain amount of these raw materials we get from food or drinking water. This substance may be contained in legumes, certain varieties of tea and mutton. Also, this ingredient is present in red hot pepper, the representatives of the cereals and classic oatmeal. The lack of such component in the body is practically not felt, but an excess can lead to the development of a number of unpleasant ailments, from simple irritation to serious diseases of the pulmonary apparatus. With continued work with zirconium is a high possibility that a very strong intoxication of a General nature.

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