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Nickel – health benefits

16 October 2013
Nickel – health benefits

We all know that the production of Nickel is due to the huge risk for the environment and all living organisms. Because some wastes and volatile compounds of the process of mining and processing Nickel ore are provoking the impoverishment of the soil, the depletion of deep waters and changes of the flora and fauna of the area. Over time, many hectares of the territory adjacent to the plant for the production of this material may turn into the real desert. The constant inhalation of dust of this material or some of its compounds emitted in the production process of a person can cause the development of various tumors, including cancer and acute diseases of the respiratory system. The incredible sounds the assertion that the functioning of the human organism is impossible without such a carcinogen, which is present in some foods.

The major determinant of benefit or harm of Nickel is its dose. For man the necessity of this trace element are limited to thirty-five micrograms per day. As for many other nutrients, the role of this chemical element is defined as a catalyst for certain enzymes. Due to the presence of important components of the relevant chemical reactions and important energy metabolic processes are accelerated, ensuring the health and functionality of critical systems. By the way a reasonable need to Nickel the human body can vary slightly depending on the number of applicants to the same iron. With increasing glandular fraction in foods, increases the need for Nickel and Vice versa, when you reduce the amount of iron, its constant companion and the companion is also reduced. As a rule, Nickel deficiency completely overlap with the food, and the need for additional intake of such substances is missing. Sufficient proportion of Nickel present in chocolate and nuts, as well as in various kinds of grain crops, peas, some vegetables and fruits.

It should further be noted that the form of Nickel, which is rich in food products, absolutely safe for humans, the harm can bring only waste of industrial production. So it’s safe to say that even the dangerous elements can benefit the human body, if the right to determine the appropriate dosage.

15 October 2013
21 October 2013