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The development of new copper deposits in the Udokan

29 September 2013
The development of new copper deposits in the Udokan

The popularity and demand for copper in various sectors of the economy requires ever-increasing extraction of valuable structural and technological material. The special properties of copper alloys found their application in areas such as thermal engineering, radio engineering, electronics, metallurgy, machine tools and many other important areas of modern life.

However, the development of new copper deposits is troublesome and very costly. Because the technology of extraction and primary processing of such material requires the application of a whole complex of specialized equipment and a high skill staff. So, for the initial investment in a rich copper Deposit located in the Baikal region (Udokan) by the most conservative estimates will take at least six billion us dollars. To realize this project going Corporation metalloinvest. Final cost estimates will be completed in the current year. According to Andrew Varichev who is the Director of the Corporation, a developer, provided all the plans and documents meet the standards of the international community and endorsed by not only domestic agencies but international organizations. However, to further more detailed consideration of the project was as successful a development company have to fulfill several conditions.

According to preliminary calculations necessary fifteen-year-old financing of this copper Deposit. After all of this time with the support of state organizations to ensure infrastructure investment is fully repaid. Due to the fact that copper mining in the Udokan associated with large technological difficulties, because the selective extraction of the material here is impossible, metalloinvest plans to produce not only raw materials of the cathode, but copper concentrate with a content of primary material not less than forty-five percent. The planned capacity of the mine will amount to about four hundred thousand tons annual production of copper concentrate and two hundred thousand tons of cathode materials.

Today, this important technological field raw copper for its reserves, is one of the first places in the world. Production complex for the extraction of material is designed to process about 36 million tons of copper ore per year. However, this process cannot turn around in full force due to the lack of developed infrastructure on-site extraction of raw materials. The development of such a structure, the production capacity of copper will rise significantly.

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