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The use of titanium for making jewellery

24 September 2013
The use of titanium for making jewellery

We are all accustomed to when you visit a jewelry store to see a large selection of jewelry from the classic precious metals such as gold, silver or platinum. Therefore, the presence on the shelves of luxury outlets products made of titanium or tungsten can throw some just in shock. Although at present these materials is very widely used in the jewelry environment.

This fact has a very simple explanation. First, the hardness of titanium products, as well as its durability greatly surpasses the classic materials used in jewelry. No wonder a very important aviation and space technology actively uses the structural elements of titanium for the construction of reliable and durable aircraft. Therefore, the jewels of durable modern materials with a lifetime warranty and is practically not subject to wear, because they are not easily damaged, even if much hard work. Second, high ductility titanium alloy allows without any special effort to produce products with complex and intricate shapes. Following a positive quality of this material is its safety for human health. Indeed, thanks to the absence of any allergic reactions from the human body, along with many other noble metals, titanium has been used long enough in the medical and food industries.

Modern technologies allow to make such jewelry not only different shapes, but also to change the color of the product according to your desire, making adjustments to the crystalline structure of the feedstock. However, the new tint can penetrate deep enough to change the entire product as a whole, so for complete confidence in the safety of the original jewelry it is recommended to remove it when performing work with the use of abrasive materials or in other similar situations. Currently, a new trend in the world of jewelry has gained a lot of fans and is actively developing. Foreign buyers have long been familiar with an unusual but deserving close attention to the generation of jewelry. Hope and our domestic consumer will appreciate the revolutionary technology of jewelry craftsmanship.

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