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Ukrtruboprom initiates anti-dumping investigation in the supply of stainless tube

15 August 2013
Ukrtruboprom initiates anti-dumping investigation in the supply of stainless tube

Centravis made

with the support of the position of enterprises «Ukrtruboprom» regarding the beginning of the

anti-dumping proceedings against imports of Chinese seamless pipes of

stainless steel. Recall that in recent years the volume of Chinese imports in

Ukraine has grown more than 3.5 times, and its structure is significantly shifted to

side goods of a lower grade. On this basis, is now growing

imbalance, which negatively affect the structure of the domestic market of the country.

This proceedings is a necessary continuation of the process

took place earlier than in the European Union and the Customs Union, the essence of which

consisted in the study and analysis of the imports of such products from China and

the adoption of all necessary measures to protect the domestic market of the countries participating in these

alliances from dumping. Analysts believe that such actions can help

to minimize the reorientation of imports from the European Union and

The customs Union the Ukrainian market and to minimize further

the increase in imports of Chinese low-grade stainless steel pipes.

Recall that business combinations «Ukrtruboprom» was

founded in 1991 by decision of the seven trumpet enterprises, including State

pipe Institute and its experimental factory. This is one of the first branch

associations created in independent Ukraine. The objective of this initiative was

the establishment of the company, which would improve the efficiency of the

pipe plants in the country, improvement of mutually beneficial cooperation,

the introduction of innovative technologies and ensuring the national economy of Ukraine

high-quality tubular products. To date, the Association

«Ukrtruboprom» unites eleven specialized pipe companies

countries including the newly built plant «dneprostal» (Corporation

«Interpipe»), PJSC «Khartsyzsk pipe plant», LLC «AG STEEL», «Lugansk

pipe plant», the certification body of SE «VNITI-TEST», the above mentioned Institute.

By J. E. Osada, and others known in Ukraine and outside of the organization.

13 August 2013
19 August 2013