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Kola MMC upgrades the production

26 August 2013
Kola MMC upgrades the production

In refining the shop subsidiary of MMC «Norilsk

Nickel» — the Kola mining and metallurgical company — was recently introduced in

operation according to the project scheme, the input node gases (hydrocarbon gases) in the sulfate Department.

Infusion of investment, which was carried out by the Corporation in the project on

date exceeded 20 million.

Engineers «Kola» explain: «hydrocarbons is a composite

the technological part of the gas flue which is used for flow distribution

sulfur dioxide (that comes in as a fluidized bed furnaces). This technological

the node combines the functions of a collector and dispenser, thereby significantly

simplifying the scheme for feeding the gas mixture in the sulfate Department. The positive effect of

from upgrading especially noticeable in the transition from one scheme of production of sulfuric

acid to another: the input node gases gives the plant operator the opportunity

go to more efficient technological mode of production without

interrupting the cycle.»

Experts working in the refining shop at the end

three-month test operation, the unit noted that in the process of testing equipment

capture of gas was significantly improved, and its concentration in sulfuric acid

the Department has increased markedly. Using the input node gas temperature gas

the mixture discharged from the refining plant in the sulfate Department, was

increased by ten degrees. The specialists said that innovative

mode temperature helps to minimize the likelihood of corrosion changes and

leakage of the flue. And this, in turn, entails a reduction in the number

scheduled repairs and technological cleansing, in which

employees of the company from the duct manually removed over 100 tons of dirt and


Recall that the Kola mining and metallurgical company is

a leading enterprise in the Murmansk region. The company is engaged in mining

copper-Nickel sulfide ores and manufacture of non-ferrous metals. Main products

manufactured by the company is of electrolytic copper and Nickel carbonyl

Nickel powders, cobalt concentrate and concentrates of precious metals.

The products of the Kola mining and metallurgical company in demand not only in

the territory of Russia, but also widely used in many countries of the world.

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