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AVISMA will build a new plant for production of titanium sponge in South-East Asia

22 August 2013
AVISMA will build a new plant for production of titanium sponge in South-East Asia

As it was recently stated by the representatives of the Corporation

«VSMPO-AVISMA», the management in cooperation with specialists of the company «Vietnam

National Coal-Mineral Industries» in the process of implementation

a new project on construction of plant for production of titanium sponge from ilmenite

on the territory of the Republic of Vietnam.

According to Mikhail Voevodin, who served as General

Director «VSMPO-AVISMA», the issue is now at the stage of discussion and

revision. «To date, completed pre-feasibility

justification of the proposed project. Conducted various workshops,

consultations, negotiations. According to preliminary data, the estimated capacity of the plant

is estimated at 20 thousand tons of products per year. Preliminary volume

investments in the project is estimated at $ 500 million,

however, these are yet to be confirmed, and the project is finalized," said

reporters the head of Russian titanium monopoly.

Recall that the Corporation „VSMPO-AVISMA“ is the leading

world manufacturer of titanium products. The company’s share on the world

the aerospace market is estimated at 30%, and global industrial

the market, including non-ferrous metals, shipbuilding, engineering and

energy at 25%. Most of the products produced by the Corporation

is exported, while the domestic market comes about

one third of the total production. Among the leading consumers of „VSMPO-AVISMA“ —

industrial giant „Boeing“, „Airbus aircraft Corporation“, and

such major consumers of titanium and alloys on its basis, as the „Rolls Royce“, „SNECMA“,

"Pratt&Whitney» and more than 300 direct partners in 48 States across

the planet.

As recently stated Andrey Tretinnikov occupying

the post Analytics at the Agency, «Rye, Man & Gor Securities», the growth of economic

performance in 2012 ensured stable demand for titanium from the

subjects aircraft industry, and this resulted in the growth

production capacities of VSMPO 19%. «And despite the fact that the average

the price of titanium and titanium products in the past year decreased by 11%, titanium

the market, in comparison with the markets of other metals, holds more than confidently» —

the expert says.

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