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The change in the volume of export of stainless steel of the leading countries in Asia

27 August 2013
The change in the volume of export of stainless steel of the leading countries in Asia

As follows from statistical data published recently

Asian specialized media, in China in July this year, compared with

the June month has been increased exports of rolled stainless steel by 6.3%. The volume

metal sales abroad during the reporting period — as reported by analysts of China — reached

the level of 179,75 thousand tons. Recall that in the first half of this year,

compared to the first half of last year, the country increased export of hire

stainless steel is 34.2%. Thus, the volume of metal sales abroad for this

period of time reached 1.26 million tons.

Earlier it was reported that during the month of April of the current year,

compared to March, exports of stainless steel China increased

12.6% and reached the level of 247 thousand tons. In General, in the first four months

this year, in comparison with the same period of 2012, exports

stainless steel from the country increased by 30.2% (up to 837 thousand tonnes).

In turn, neighboring Japan in the early summer reduced

sale stainless steel abroad. Thus, according to the most recently published statistical

according to the Ministry of Finance of the country in June this year, in comparison with June

2012, Japanese exports of rolled stainless steel decreased by 8.1% and

reached the level of 65.48 tons. However, in comparison with may of the current year, this

increased by 7.5%. In General, during the first half of this year,

compared to the first half of 2012, exports of stainless steel from Japan

decreased by 8.2% and reached 372,92 thousand tons.

Recall that the release of the stainless steel leading

Japanese manufacturers in June 2013, in comparison with may, increased

4.2%. So, the total volume of manufactured products in this category

reached 311,8 thousand tons. Also earlier it was reported that in may this

years of Japanese enterprises, in comparison to the month of April has been increased

the production of stainless steel metal by 0.7%. The total volume of production of corrosion-resistant

of steel in the country then reached 232 kt.

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