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ARMZ launched a unit for production of rare earth metals

8 August 2013
ARMZ launched a unit for production of rare earth metals

Mining concern «ARMZ» (JSC Atomredmetzoloto) has recently

began a series of tests of an innovative installation for the extraction of REE mines the main type in

Kurgan region R. F. This unit is designed to concentrate

rare metals from waste ore after beneficiation of uranium. Regardless

the fact that ARMZ is part of Rosatom, which controls all

nuclear assets of the country, the latter does not consider it necessary to personally carry out

the funding for the project and enlisted the cooperation of owners of private


Innovative equipment that will be used on

the above mine is now estimated at 1.06 million dollars. Private

investor innovations were made by LLC «Intermiks Met». «Our company

interested in the fact that the installation was successfully tested on Galore,

as the leadership of our organization plans to use the same units for

other objects» — commented the representatives of the investor company.

Concentrates of rare earth metals and of aluminium (which also

it is possible to get at the install) can find its wide application in many

the industries of Russia. In the foreseeable future on the development of the project

should be involved in more, at least 15.16 million dollars.

It is projected that by 2023, these units will produce 134 tons of expensive concentrate

REE, that will provide a solid income to investors and a significant infusion into the budget of Russia.

Today in Russia there is a situation that

implementation of programs and projects for the extraction and processing of rare earth metals

takes place in a country only with the help of private investment. In the opinion of management

The state Corporation «Rosatom», the demand for rare earth elements from domestic

enterprises is low. But because the company is in no hurry to make an independent monetary

injections in this area.

We will remind that holding «Atomredmetzoloto» is one of the leading

companies for the extraction of uranium in the world. The company is in the top three among

uranium mining companies in the production of this resource and is located on the second

place in terms of the mineral resource base for this metal. It is also known that ARMZ

is the mining division of the State Corporation «Rosatom» (80,475% of the shares

JSC Atomredmetzoloto, owned by JSC «Atomenergoprom»).

At the moment the company «ARMZ» is more than ten

of thousands of employees. Enterprise organizations located not only in the territory

Russia, but also abroad (including in territories of Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan

and Kyrgyzstan). Last year the company released 7572 tons of uranium that

amounted to about 14% of world production of the resource.

6 August 2013
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