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VSMPO-AVISMA and SEZ Titanium valley: new terms of cooperation

15 July 2013
VSMPO-AVISMA and SEZ Titanium valley: new terms of cooperation

As the message Artemy Kyzlasov — General

Director of the management company «Titanium valley» «VSMPO-AVISMA», JSC «Special economic

area Titanium valley» plan to sign in the foreseeable future the agreement

according to which the companies-SEZ residents will have the opportunity to buy from

the Corporation titanium raw materials in the foreground. This statement was made

for journalists at the exhibition «Innoprom-2013».

The implementation project of a special economic zone

industrial-production type «Titanium valley» implies that

Verkhnaya Salda (Sverdlovsk region) will be concentrated plants

the processing of titanium for the needs of the aviation industry, aerospace, shipyards,

automotive, energy, industry, medicine, and also company

for the production of engines and the organization and other profiles activities. Regarding

these companies Artemy Kyzlasov noted that the above mentioned agreement

should: if the resident Titanium valley or titanium

the cluster plans to purchase «VSMPO-AVISMA» not less than two hundred tons of titanium in

year, it will be ensured by the supply of metal in order of priority.

Artemy Kyzlasov also laid emphasis on the fact that the average

enterprises, including foreign ones, is rather problematic to access Russian

titanium raw materials in view of the fact that «VSMPO-AVISMA» cooperates with

very large customers. «Among our clients and potential

available — there are companies that produce titanium products with quite

high added value (e.g., Golf clubs)» comments

the situation, the head of UK. «The partnership with them can be attractive for

of the Corporation, as such cooperation will help us to diversify risks with respect

stability orders» — has concluded the representative of top management «Titanium


Previously reported: on the territory of the special economic zone

it is planned to introduce certain tax benefits — residents will not be

be levied on property, transport and land and income tax will be

reduced by almost a quarter (with the usual 20% to 15.5%). To participate in the project

has the ability any company producing products made of titanium with high

added value. In the first three years the amount of capital investment

in the development of the industrial site from a resident enterprise shall be equal to three (or

more) million euros.

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