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Russian copper company will use the korkinsky mine as a waste repository

26 July 2013
Russian copper company will use the korkinsky mine as a waste repository

The management of the Chelyabinsk region plans to transfer the «Russian

copper company» the korkinsky coal mine with the purpose of using it in

as storage of waste materials Tominskoye mining

the plant processing copper ore. At the moment this is

a large incision in Europe and Asia is in the possession of «Chelyabinsk

coal company».

Talk about the need to reclaim the korkinsky mine

being particularly active since the beginning of last year, when Vladimir Putin visited

the village of Rosa, located close to crumbling career. At the end of the visit

President, the leadership of the Chelyabinsk region launched a program immediate

the resettlement of inhabitants of emergency settlement, to which were

decorated a number of loans. According to Mikhail Yurevich, Governor of Chelyabinsk

region, now the cut can be used as storage for

waste copper ore with Tominskoye Deposit in the vicinity.

Mikhail Yurevich also noted that local authorities now

strongly encourage «Russian copper company» to begin work on the second

field in the region. For this purpose RMK and Sberbank have already been signed

General agreement on credit lines in the amount of 30 billion rubles. Work on

the field started and in a short time, maybe, waste rock will be

also stored on Korkinsky coal mine.

Recall that the «Russian copper company» at the moment

is on the third place among Russian manufacturing enterprises

cathode copper and second largest producer of wire rod of copper. On the copper market

in Russia the share of RMK is 18%, and on the world market — 1%. Part of the «Russian

copper company» has a number of innovative projects in the field of development of mineral resources in

Russia, in addition, the holding holds licenses for development of fields in

the territory of Kazakhstan.

In Russia, enterprises located in the Chelyabinsk RMK,

Sverdlovsk, Novgorod, Orenburg, Ulyanovsk areas, and also in

Altai region. The holding company is in the list of strategic companies of Russia and

is the largest employer in the Ural region (today

the number of employees copper campaign exceeds 7 thousand people).

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