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Russia and Japan are planning to increase production of rare earth metals

23 July 2013
Russia and Japan are planning to increase production of rare earth metals

Russia plans

to increase production of rare earth metals. This reporter learned from

the authorities have shared the information with members of the media during

recent working visit to Murmansk Deputy Prime Minister Arkady

Dvorkovich, who met with the first Deputy Governor of the Murmansk region

— Aleksey Tukavin. At the business event, the parties discussed the problems

licensing Afrikanskogo Deposit the perovskite titanium-magnetite ore (located

in the village of Afrikanda Polyarizovannogo district) containing titanium, rare, and

rare-earth metals.


experts, development of reserves of rare earth metals on the Kola Peninsula is now one

of the most profitable areas of mining in

In Murmansk region. As follows from the statements of experts the Academy of natural Sciences in the region

there is a unique potential for significant growth in the production of this resource in the

view of the fact that there are more than 70% of all proven Russian

deposits of rare earth metals.

According to Alexey

Rukavina, Afrikanska field is expected not only to produce

concentrate expensive elements: the administration plans to organize here

production process full cycle — from mining to processing. «It

the company will become an integral part of the chemical engineering cluster

region, the development of which is now being developed by the experts of the Kola

scientific centre of the RAS» — said at the meeting with media representatives Deputy

the Governor of the Murmansk region.

In turn,

Japan also plans to reduce its dependence on rare earth

metals foreign production. Recently (according to the press center of the Ministry

of economy, trade and industry of the state) the country has received approval from

the international community in the issue on your own

prospecting works on search of deposits of rare earth metals at the site of the Pacific

of the seabed. «International Seabed Authority» (international body

controlling the underwater extraction of resources) has adopted a positive decision

at the appropriate request of the Japanese government. Now the geologists of the country

will be able to conduct exploration work on an area of about 3 thousand

square kilometres near the island of Minamitorishima (the licence will be valid for

for fifteen years).

The above described parcel

is about two thousand kilometers South-East of Tokyo. As

the statement of the official representatives of the Japanese government,

the results of preliminary exploration in this place that in several

hundreds of kilometers from the island of Minamitorishima there are significant reserves

the rare earth metals.

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