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The Governor of the Chelyabinsk region visited the copper mine Miheevsky

2 July 2013
The Governor of the Chelyabinsk region visited the copper mine Miheevsky

Recently Mikhail Yurevich (Governor of the Chelyabinsk region)

during a routine visit in the Varna district, visited Miheevsky mine inspected

put into production of copper quarry, and visited constructed at the present

time the concentrator. The head of the region was satisfied with the scale and

the speed of construction at the facility. Also during this visit, he held

meeting of the Governor with Vsevolod Levin, President of the «Russian copper company»

(RMK), whose investment project is the construction program

mentioned above plant. «Miheevsky mine is a significant project for the entire Chelyabinsk

in the region, as its implementation will serve as an impetus for the growth of related industries

industry, small and medium business, as well as, overall, positive

the impact on the economy of the region» — commented on his working trip, Mr.


Miheevskoye field is unique in that it has a large

stocks of copper at a very low percentage of metal in the ore, and this has

in a need for large amounts of enrichment with the use of innovative

technologies. The annual capacity of the future enterprise is estimated at

the level of 18 million tons of copper ore. Launch date is planned for late 2013. When

the first 6 months of operations Mining will be carried out debugging work

then the enterprise will reach its full production capacity.

At the moment representatives of the RMK — made

three quarters of construction work on the concentrator: set frame

production facilities with the Foundation for equipment mounted

ore pipeline, which will connect gyratory crusher with the factory. But

now it is clear that Miheevsky mine will be one of the largest copper

enterprises in Russia. Operational stocks of raw materials can reach about 400

million tons. At the same time — according to the results of further exploration — near the object is found

small deposits of copper (within a radius of at least 10 km).

According to Vsevolod Levin, this project is like a test

for his company: it will help to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the team, check

its professionalism. To launch Mikheevskogo plant is scheduled to begin

the construction of the GOK on the basis of the Tominskoye Deposit, a guide

the company expects to begin no later than January 2014. «The concentration of copper in the rock

there below, however, the reserves of the ore is much higher. On the basis that the GOK will

to produce about 28 million tons of raw materials per year, however, the results of more

detailed exploration in the area, targets can increase in

a big way» — to describe the prospects of the representatives of RMK.

27 June 2013
2 July 2013