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In the Murmansk region is developing the production of rare earth metals and titanium dioxide

20 June 2013
In the Murmansk region is developing the production of rare earth metals and titanium dioxide

In the middle of this week in the Murmansk regional Duma

held a meeting devoted to the reports of the Krai Government on the performance of

the administration of the region in 2012. The event was announced trends

development of enterprises for minerals extraction, including

titanium dioxide, rare earth metals, Apatite, and other resources.

As stated Marina Kovtun, Governor

Murmansk region, the completion of the second stage of the launch is extremely important for the region

the investment project «Construction of the GOK Oleniy Ruchey» is one of the most significant

events of the past year. Starting work was scheduled to begin in 2013

however, previously scheduled preparatory work was reduced and in

December 2012 NWPC made shipments of its products —

Apatite concentrate.

The statement also mentioned that now in the region

managed to create about 2.5 thousand new jobs, and the amount of financial

injections exceeded 15 billion rubles.

The evaluation of the main social and financial performance

development of the region in the past year, Marina Kovtun made an emphasis on the fact that

the region strongly supported the investment program of JSC «Kovdor

Mine.» In the implementation of these projects was carried out renovation of production

capacity, in addition, the company received tax exemption status. The volume

financial investments in the project totaled RUB 9.3 billion.

The Governor, among other things, promised to continue the policies

recovery the mining of rare earth metals on the basis of

fields region. In cooperation with the Kola scientific center of RAS

compiled program for the creation of the Kola chemical-technological cluster, and

also developed a plan for the establishment of a centre nanomaterialien based on the Kola

science centre (now the proposals are under consideration

The Ministry Of Industry And Trade). The first event in connection with the project, will launch

production of titanium dioxide and rare earth metals in the development of Afrikanskogo

field. First and foremost, considers the options for obtaining

rare earth components by means of complex processing of ore leading mining companies

region: JSC «Apatite», «Kovdor», «Kola MMC» and other applicable

businesses in the region.

19 June 2013
24 June 2013