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The marked increase of copper prices on world markets

19 June 2013
The marked increase of copper prices on world markets


recently, experts predicted the possibility of reducing prices for the red metal

in the course of the next stock exchange trading sessions, however, their fears were not confirmed. On the contrary:

the statement says the news Agency «Bloomberg», on the London stock exchange

metals prices for copper for delivery in 3 months went up. The same

the trend was observed on the new York stock exchange «Comex». Rose slightly in price and

copper futures in Asian markets, but some wary investors

traders — hampered their growth.


analysts believe that in the near future trend of quotations cuprum will continue

stick to the positive. In particular, representatives of the «Marex Spectron Group» expect

what is the price of copper will increase by 10% and can reach 8 thousand USD

per ton (if it manages to exceed may maximum mark 7.48 thousand

dollars per thousand kilograms). Others believe that the time optimistic

forecasts for the copper producers market has not yet come. So, according to

Jonathan Barratt, chief economist at «Barratt's Bulletin», volume of trades with this

metal will not significantly increase until, until it is announced

the results of the meeting of the Committee on «Open Market Operations», Federal reserve

system of the United States, to be held later this week. «This is a serious

deterrent for non-ferrous metals, and investor sentiment is heavily dependent on the decisions of the Commission» — experts say.


no less, today the price situation of copper remains the best among

non-ferrous metals in the form of temporary cessation of work in the factories «Grasberg» and «Bingham

Canyon». Behind this resource is that lead prices also

continued slow growth (after falling by almost 4% at the beginning of the current month).

Now his futures on the LME are worth more than the metal itself (cash lead

the physical market), due to — according to analysts — while increasing

demand for the resource and the depletion of its reserves in the bins trading platforms and

warehouses have overspent in recent months consumers.

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