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On the Kitts Green plant to increase capacity for the production of aluminium-lithium alloys

24 June 2013
On the Kitts Green plant to increase capacity for the production of aluminium-lithium alloys

In the British plant «Kitts Green» (Corporation «Alcoa») recently

was completed the next phase of the program of modernization of facilities for the manufacture of

aluminium-lithium alloys. The decision on re-equipment of the plant was taken in

response to the growing global demand for such products. According to the owners

factory, income from trading in this segment of the market will raise in four

times over the next 5−6 years.

The subsequent phase of the program on increasing the volume of

production of alloys of aluminium and lithium to be starting new workshops on

enterprise «Lafayette» (Indiana, USA). «This will help to increase

the production of aluminium-lithium alloys in the form of round and flat bars for

pressing, extrusion and stamping» — assured the representatives of Alcoa. Cash

the infusion of this project are estimated at 90 million dollars, and to finish

construction is expected in late 2014.

Innovative alloys significantly improve

the quality of consumer products based on them: aluminum-lithium compounds easier

used today in aircraft metals, and they are more wear-resistant,

durable and resist corrosion. This collection of features will allow a wide

to apply these alloys in the aerospace industry: according to the

Alcoa of this metal will build the aircraft and space technology new


Mark Vrablec, the President of the division «Transportation &

Industrial Rolled Products," the company «Alcoa Global Aerospace," recently said,

aluminum-lithium alloys, recent modifications have already been presented at

the exhibition «Paris Air Show» last year; their consumer properties was

so high that the demand for products has exceeded all expectations and

his satisfaction it is necessary to immediately expand production capacity.

Lithium is a very light metal (its density is 530 kg/m3,

whereas the same indicator of iron is 7874 kg/ m3). Not counting toxic

beryllium is the only metal whose presence in the alloy reduces

the density of the composition under parallel amplification of the modulus of elasticity. Each percent of lithium

in AI-Li alloy reduces its density by 2 percent and increases the elasticity more

than 5%. The cost of such compositions is about 2.5 times higher than the price usually

used in aircraft aluminium alloys. However, due to the tangible

reducing the weight of aircraft, the owners of these aircraft will be substantially

to save on fuel, therefore, the development of aluminium-lithium alloys are considered to be very

a promising direction of modern metallurgy.

20 June 2013
25 June 2013