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Country conclusions on the stainless steel sector

17 June 2013
Country conclusions on the stainless steel sector

Japan has published statistics on volumes of foreign sales of stainless steel

steel. So, according to the Ministry of Finance of the state, the producers of corrosion-resistant

metal of the country in April 2013 reduced the volume of shipments of stainless

hire foreign contractors to 4.5% (in comparison with the same period

last year). The volume of exports of these products during the specified period made up 63.59

thousand tons, which is 12.4% less than in March 2013. In General, since the beginning of 2013

years of Japanese exports of rolled stainless steel decreased by 9.3% in comparison

with the same period (246,5 thousand tonnes in absolute terms) in the past year.

As the volume of production of stainless steel, seven

leading manufacturers in Japan earlier this year reduced them by almost 6%.

In January, the Japanese plants were produced 312,6 thousand tons of the metal this

category, and in February — already of 294.1 thousand tons. Analysts note: this

a trend was observed previously in 2012, Japan has reduced export supplies

rolled stainless steel 6.4% (they amounted to 1,177 million tons in

absolute values).

At the same time, the Turkish authorities indicate the increasing

the interest of local consumers to imported stainless steel metal. So,

to the «Turkish Statistical Institute» the volume of importation of products of

stainless steel recently steadily growing. In particular, in April 2013

the imports of this hire grew by 40.9% and amounted to about 44 thousand tons. At

compared with March 2013, the growth of imports was also significant — plus

Of 30.4%, and overall, since the beginning of this year plus 10% (compared to the same

period in 2012). Analysts predict that despite the fact that in the beginning

years there has been some recession in the volume of import of rolled

stainless steel in Turkey, towards the end of spring the local market perked up, and in

term, it expects further growth in imports in this area.

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