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At Kola MMC installed a new modern equipment for processing of ores of Nickel and copper

11 June 2013
At Kola MMC installed a new modern equipment for processing of ores of Nickel and copper

At Kola MMC, member of the group of companies

Norilsk Nickel started the next stage of modernization. The Department division

Feinstein (RUF) refining plant establishes new flotation

machines that will replace the worked until recently, the units

FMR-10. Commissioning and adjustment of the equipment involved

employees of the supplier. Commissioning work must be completed

until the end of summer, after which the machine is running at full capacity. As the user expects

MMC, these measures will help to reduce production costs and

contribute to improving the quality of separation Feinstein and significant

the increase in production volumes: after the replacement of obsolete machines

the production capacity of «Kola» will grow by 27 tons per year of Nickel and

19 tons of copper.

New flotation machine, in contrast to the FMR-10,

to meet the modern requirements for such equipment. They extract

a greater number of metals from raw materials with automatic control

manufacturing process are more environmentally friendly and consume

fewer resources (in particular electricity), which allows to significantly reduce

overhead. «Efforts to modernize equipment is an important contribution to

the development of the company. Updated equipment will provide the company with invaluable assistance in

the implementation of the production plans for the separation of Converter matte and

the future will allow the organization to achieve high performance with minimal

costs» — sure the Board of the company.

In a detailed press release, «Kola» it is reported that

in the framework of modernization of equipment of the RUF, to date, purchased 16 new

flotation machines. In parallel with the replacement of equipment similar to the units,

commissioned in 2004 and fitted with new parts. According to

representatives of the company «Norilsk Nickel», the project owners

asset invested about 4 million dollars.

10 June 2013
13 June 2013