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Argentine manufacturers of aluminium do not see a particular deterioration in the market

3 June 2013
Argentine manufacturers of aluminium do not see a particular deterioration in the market

One of the largest producers of aluminium in South

American company «Aluar» (Argentina) has summarized the results of their own activities

the nine-month period of time elapsed since the beginning of the local fiscal year. According to

the accounting records of the Corporation, its net profit for the period from June

last calendar year at the beginning of April practically has not changed (in

compared to the same period in 2011 2112 financial year). And then, and

now the performance of enterprises hesitated at 244,2 million

ARS (Argentine peso), which is the equivalent of about 46.2 million dollars


«Aluar Aluminio Argentino S. A. I. C» is the only

Argentina company engaged in the production of primary aluminum. Monopoly was

founded in 1970, and after four years thereafter in the territory

Republic earned the first «aluminum» plant. Today the Corporation includes 6 powerful

divisions (including energy industries and sales),

which in pre-crisis years allowed the company to produce and profitable

to implement more than 400 thousand of aluminum per year. Over the past 12 months income «Aluar»

amounted to 1 billion U.S. dollars, net profit of $ 54.4 million

Recently (like many other businesses,

operating on the market of non-ferrous metallurgy), an Argentine producer of «winged

metal» develops the direction of production of products with high added

value. In particular, with the above-mentioned financial report,

management «Aluar» published information on the progress of the construction project

line for production of extruded profiles from aluminum based on its own

the plant, located in the territorial unification of Abasto. «Although

the aluminium market is now experiencing not the best times, we find

the means to implement its plans for vertical integration. Shop

for the production of aluminum profiles in Abasto — as planned before — will be

commissioned early in the next financial year," reads

the message, composed for the press guidance «Aluar Aluminio

Argentino S. A. I. C».

31 May 2013
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