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In the EU continue to increase the price of ferrotungsten

9 April 2013
In the EU continue to increase the price of ferrotungsten

In Europe, prices continue to rise for ferrotungsten.

«Current average price of this Ferroalloy today — about 41 US dollar

per kilogram. Thus, compared to mid-last week, alloying

the structure rose nearly 5%, and in comparison with the data of the three-week

ago, prices for the resource have increased by almost 1/10 of the old price» —

commenting on market analysts. In their view, this situation —

understandable market response to reduced supply of a resource when

growing consumer interest exhausted their reserves of metallurgical


However, not all small ferroalloys copy

bright positive dynamics of ferrotungsten. So, for example, the prices of ferromolybdenum in

the last days has changed only slightly, gaining only 0.3 USD per kilo to its previous value and hard prevalences

the bar for 27 thousand dollars per ton. And quotations of ferrovanadium and is demonstrated

negative trends: one of the main ingredients of high-temperature, structural

of tool and specialty steels fell back to an average of 30 thousand USD per

ton, having fallen in price by a quarter of a dollar per kilogram.

8 April 2013
10 April 2013