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Nadvoitsky aluminum plant needs to be revised electricity prices

10 April 2013
Nadvoitsky aluminum plant needs to be revised electricity prices

Nadvoitsky aluminium factory (NAZ) has a stronger

companies in the industry suffers from an unfavorable ratio of prices

electricity and value of «winged» metal on the exchanges. «The plant is on the verge

stop, and the main problem of the enterprise — in tariffs for electricity,

which in the Republic of Karelia twice as expensive than in most regions

Of the Russian Federation» — commented the events the representatives of the owner

aluminum asset of the company «RUSAL». In connection with the situation,

the management «Russian aluminium» has appealed to the government of the Republic

a call to review pricing policy in the supply of energy to CALLED. «If

Karelian authorities will not reduce the prices of electricity for Nadvoitsky aluminum

plant, on the profitability of production on it (yet stock prices for the metal

will adhere to current positions) will be forgotten» — Shine events

related to the company, the managers «Rusala».

Recall: the current situation on the world market of non-ferrous

metals to aluminum producers formed extremely negative. Enter in

operation of new facilities that produce the resource that led to the formation of

surplus metal on the global market, and the deceleration demand in the last

months has further aggravated the situation of the industry. The major players

the aluminium sector had to reduce production volumes of metal and to make

efforts to upgrade existing equipment in order to transition to a more

cost-effective technology for conversion or parts of undertakings on the issue

products from «winged» metal with high added value.

In the production of aluminium consumes huge

the amount of electricity (per tonne of metal — an average of 13,000 kWh).

Of course, for the development of the Nadvoitsky plant (especially at current valuations

resource at the level of USD 1900


ton and below) «double tariff» for electricity — more than important deterrent

factor requiring rapid response. However, the question of adjustment

the existing energy tariffs for the Naza, which is one of the important donors of the economy

of the Republic, remained still open. «We will have to discuss this is not in Karelia, and in

Moscow," — said the Head of the Republic Alexander Khudilainen at the meeting with

General Director of «Russian aluminum», held a few days

back in Nadvoitsy.

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