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Russian industry may feel a lack of zinc

2 April 2013
Russian industry may feel a lack of zinc

Experts of the Russian metallurgical market consider:

the domestic industry may face a shortage of zinc. «Despite

the fact that the subsoil of the Russian Federation contain significant amounts of zinc, the volume

the extraction of this resource in the country in the global market is small» —

analysts comment on the situation. «Even worse in the manufacturing sector

refined metal: existing enterprises that produce zinc in the country

only two — OJSC Chelyabinsk zinc plant („JSC Chelyabinsk Zinc Plant“) and JSC „Electrozinc“ (

Vladikavkaz). At that time, as the needs of the local market in galvanized metal

constantly growing, as evidenced by the increasing number of enterprises

specializing in hot-dip galvanizing of steel products, most of

in the country of Zn continues to be exported outside Russia. If the above trends

will remain (as such prospects are more than probable), local consumers will face

with the shortage of the resource in the coming years» — say the representatives of the steel

business. To prevent shortages of the metal in the domestic market

industry players are planning to approach the state authorities with a request to impose a

special regulatory measures restricting the export of zinc for the border of Russia. «If

the government will introduce a tax on exports of metal, the appearance of problems with it

the supply of the domestic market of the Russian Federation it will be possible to prevent» — I think the owners

local galvanizing plants.

In the USSR, production of zinc was supplied «

wide leg» (the annual consumption of the metal did not fall below $ 500−600

thousand tons), however, the extraction of the resource in those times was more favorable to site

Kazakhstan, where concentrated the main zinc capacity of the country. So after

as the Soviet Union ceased to exist, in Russia there are only

three (relatively small) plant for the production of zinc. It’s these two

the above company («Electrozinc» and «Chelyabinsk branch»), and «Belovskaya Central locking» (Kemerovo

region), recognised insolvent at the end of 2000. At the same time since the collapse

Soviet zinc plants of the Russian Federation has faced a sharp drop in demand for private

products in the local market, which «remained in service» to companies and had

to shift to overseas customers.

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