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Orbite began supplying raw material for the extraction of aluminum from cap-chat

31 March 2013
Orbite began supplying raw material for the extraction of aluminum from cap-chat

The company «Orbite Aluminae» started the first commercial

supply of alumina (raw materials for aluminium production) from its plant in canadian

the town of cap-chat (Gaspé, QC). «To begin shipments of resources from the enterprise

is an important step for our organization. With first deliveries of this alumina „Orbite“

officially debuted on the global market for ultra-pure raw materials» — commented

event the President of the company — Richard Bujol in an interview with reporters.

The company «Orbite Aluminae» (formerly known as «Exploration

Orbite V. S. P. A. Inc.) — the canadian company that developed alternative

a method of obtaining alumina (for this technology, not the resource is mined from bauxite,

as it happens the «traditional» way, and from high-alumina clays). According to

the statements of the experts of the company, obtaining the resource by using the «game-changing

technology» («technology changing the rules of the game»), not negatively

impact on the environment (the key point is the absence of so-called «red

sludge», which, when released today by the Bayer method, are formed annually

in excess of 70 million tonnes) and allows to reduce energy consumption. When

resulting products can easily compete with the alumina produced in the normal way and used

today on the aluminum industries worldwide. For the «running» technique

the company has built the above mentioned plant in the town of cap-chat (investment in the project

made 6.4 million dollars), which was launched in late 2012

year. Raw materials for the production of alumina is fed to the plant with

field Grande-Vallee (120 km from the plant), named in honor of the village,

nearby. Square footage is more than 6,400 hectares and the reserves of high-alumina

ores there are about 1 billion tons).

Earlier it was reported that the owners of «Orbite Aluminae»

seriously intend to settle in the world market of alumina in the «ultra-fine»

(purity 99.99%), having it at least a share of 1/5 of all deliveries. «

the light of the developments in the aluminium sector, new technology

obtaining alumina will allow Canadians to make real progress in leadership position

in its segment» — commented analysts of the market of nonferrous metals.

30 March 2013
2 April 2013