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Amsterdam financiers expect a return of consumer interest of Chinese companies to copper

15 April 2013
Amsterdam financiers expect a return of consumer interest of Chinese companies to copper

The Amsterdam financiers expect a speedy return

Chinese buyers in the copper market. «Indeed, players of the sector „red

metal“ faced with a record growth of stocks of a resource on the main warehouses

trading platforms on the planet, and betting on the revival of sales since the filing of the consumers

from China in the area of metallurgy played (after Chinese New Year) only

a small fraction of the expected results» — commented the staff of «ABN

AMRO Holding N. V.» (one of the most powerful financial conglomerates in the Netherlands).

«Nevertheless, the surplus trend on the copper market — a temporary phenomenon, and

worrying about it is unlikely to be. Today, as a rule, metal

accumulated in the warehouses due to manipulation of traders which a decent Commission

„the premiums for delivery of copper cash“. Thus, despite „frightening“ trends

growth figures on stocks of metal in warehouses, the difference between the volumes of supply and level

demand can be easily offset by a small spike of interest in the resource with

large buyers, as all the „extra copper“ is just week and a half

the volume of world consumption of metal. We expect that in the near future

cuprum largest consumer — China — are beginning to fill a long-impoverished

the stocks of the resource, resulting in market will be returned to the „traditional“ balance»

summarize your forecast of analysts «ABN AMRO».

Positive expectations of financiers in Amsterdam

the stabilization of the copper sector’s share in the German company «Aurubis» (which is

the largest producer of «red metal» in Europe). The management

concern voiced his own intent to increase production cuprum on

its two steel plants (in Germany and Bulgaria). «Despite trends

growth of warehouse stocks of copper on the commodity exchanges, our experts believe that in

the short term rates for the processing and refining of metal will overcome

the usual mark of $ 70 per ton; consequently, the „Aurubis“ is

a great opportunity to strengthen its own position in the market» comments

the decision to increase the production capacity of the company Executive Director

company Peter Willbrandt.

11 April 2013
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