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The owners of Russian aluminum is suspected in the supply of raw materials for Iran's nuclear program

3 March 2013
The owners of Russian aluminum is suspected in the supply of raw materials for Iran's nuclear program

The owners of the company «Russian aluminium» (

specifically, we are talking about one of the major shareholders of the organization of the Swiss

the group «Glencore») is suspected in the supply of raw materials for Iran’s nuclear program. «This

the organization has set up a scheme of import of alumina (resource from which the

aluminum) Iranian company production of «winged metal» — IRALCO — bypass sanctions

imposed by the European Union at the end of last year," writes the international news Agency


Recall: «Glencore» — standalonesa trading

company specializing in the trade of agricultural goods, raw

resources (including oil, coal, copper, lead, ferrochromium, aluminum,

zinc, Nickel) and rare earth metals. Created in the second half

the last century, Glencore has repeatedly come into conflict with the authorities of many

States by trading Cuban Nickel and gold (at the time

the ban of the US government for such activities), selling to the Soviet Union

grains and sugar (in spite of the international boycott in connection with the Afghan war), supplying

on the market of Iranian raw materials, despite the infamous «Oil embargo».

Now, according to Reuters, Glencore is accused of

cooperation with the disgraced company IRALCO, which was implicated in the supply of

aluminium (used in the uranium enrichment process) in the «Atomic Energy

Organization of Iran». In the case says Swiss traders imported

Iranian alumina plant, from which the recipient produced aluminum metal.

Some share of finished products in the framework of barter returned to the supplier,

and the rest of the aluminium remained with the manufacturer (as payment for

performed work). This method of settlement provided for the parties to the contract highly profitable

cooperation without attracting attention of regulatory bodies.

In response to the accusations, the representatives of «Glencore» claim

these transactions really took place, however, every interaction with

Iranian factories trading company (according to the manual) stopped

a few weeks before the introduction of sanctions of the EU on IRALCO.

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