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British analysts foresee significant changes in the sector of production of stainless steel metal

1 March 2013
British analysts foresee significant changes in the sector of production of stainless steel metal

Experts of Agency «MEPS» (Britain) believe:

nose the global reshuffling of assets on the world market of stainless steel

the result of which is to avoid serious changes in this sector. «We

expect a significant adjustment of the priorities (up to a radical

rebalancing the ratio of supply and demand) in the near future» —

talking to British intelligence.

Catalysts for future changes, according to

the British, are several long-overdue attention to factors. Key

them — difficult-to-control increase of production of corrosion-resistant alloys

(mainly due to the Asia-Pacific region) and the upcoming

peretrubatsiya caused by the emergence of a new European giant «Outokumpu» + «Inoxum»

with a potential share of the world market at 12%. In particular, the «MEPS»

I think that stemming from this transaction, change of owners several

enterprises, the redistribution of leadership positions and the closure of several production

enterprises from the sector of stainless metal can cause the consolidation of the participants

market in the new industry format.

Recall: in late autumn of last year the Antimonopoly

EU authorities approved the purchase of «Inoxum» (former owner — «ThyssenKrupp»)

structure of the Finnish «Outokumpu», with the result that she got about half

market steel Europe and more than 1/10 of the world market. One of the conditions

the transaction was mandatory sale by owners «Outokumpu» several service centers,

owned by Finns, and the alienation of their plant «Terni» (Italy),

a potential buyer which today is called another leader

European market — the company «Aperam». In addition, the aforementioned transaction

resulted in the need for decommissioning of the relevant plants in

the cities of Krefeld and Bochum, previously owned by «ThyssenKrupp» that brought in

the arrangement of pieces on a chess Board stainless steel sector new options


Earlier it was reported that the global market is resistant to

corrosion of metals in recent times, the rise of unclaimed stocks

that is the traditional reason for lower prices for a particular resource. At

to analysts «MEPS» without any artificial adjustments of the situation, the case in

sector this year will not change the forecasts of the British experts

in 2013 the production volumes of steel in this class will rise to the level of 36.3 million

tons. «This is a new record for the stainless industry» — say the experts

English Agency.

27 February 2013
3 March 2013