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Russian tin will resume work on the Festival and crossover fields

22 March 2013
Russian tin will resume work on the Festival and crossover fields

The company «Russian tin» will continue earlier

suspended the extraction of resources in the Khabarovsk territory in their fields Festival

and crossover. This is with reference to official sources in the organization

told reporters the representative of the press service of the regional administration.

«The company plans to increase production of tin

at its facilities by 2018 at 200%. It will reopen

saddle mines (reserves of 10 thousand tonnes of tin) and Festival (30 thousand tons

tin and the same of copper)» — commented on the situation in the Department for relations with

the public in the government of the province. «In addition, in the framework of the program «Russian

tin» on increasing the volume of metal production in the far Eastern Federal

the district will put into operation another «tin» asset «Pravourmiyskoe

mining and processing plant» with the design capabilities of the processing

equipment 400 thousand tons of ore per year. With the start of the work on all these sites

the power of the «Russian tin» in the Khabarovsk region will reach production volume of 1

thousand tons of concentrated metal a year," — quoted representatives

Khabarovsk administration head of Board of Directors of the company — Sergey Ryzhov.

Russia is one of the ten Nations with the largest

reserves of tin, however, local ore poorer counterparts with competing Bolivian,

Chinese or Brazilian fields (average 0.5% against 1.2%), which

makes the mining of metal in the country more expensive, and the price of the finished product — less

competitive. However, in the depths of Russia there are nearly 3.6 million

tons of tin that is more than 7.5% of the total (worldwide) volumes. Lion

the share of these resources is in the land of the far Eastern region of the state, and Khabarovsk

edge owns about 20% of them. At the moment resource extraction in Russia is

only two objects in the fields of the Verkhnebureinsky municipal district

(Western part of the Khabarovsk territory on the border with the Amur region) and Solar

district (Central part of the same administrative-territorial unit).

Processes ore from these assets, the country’s only specialized GOK — «Novosibirsk

tin mill».

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