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Russian aluminum and Chalco together

25 March 2013
Russian aluminum and Chalco together

Last week the company «Russian aluminium» (Russia)

and «Chalco» (China) agreed to cooperate in several projects, among which

— research in the field of application of modern technologies for process optimization

in the production of aluminium (including the use of renewable

energy for the extraction of metal), joint development of the resource base and other


Talks on cooperation between Chinese and

Russian aluminum companies took place on the territory of the Russian Federation, during the official

the on-site visit of a delegation from China, led recently won his post by the leader

Republic, XI Jinping. In connection with the agreement, representatives of «RUSAL»

and «Chalco» at an event in the Moscow Kremlin was

signed a «Memorandum of understanding», in points which the parties have outlined the scope of

the future of international cooperation.

From the «Russian aluminum» Memorandum

signed a member of the Board of Directors of the combined company and its CEO

— Oleg Deripaska. In his comments to the event, the head of the Corporation said: «In

the moment the aluminium producers are experiencing difficult times, when

high electricity rates and low prices products provide

on the industry pressure. The partnership between our companies

major players in the global market „winged“ metal will be solved

issues of restructuring in the aluminium sector with the change of emphasis in favor of energy-efficient

technologies that are the products of „RUSAL“ and „Chalco“ is on the base

metals new, more favorable strategic position.»

From the PRC the Memorandum was countersigned by the President of «Chalco»

— Xiong Weiping, added to the representative «Rusala» following: «"the Russian

aluminium» it is possible to use resources of hydropower and modern

developments in the field of aluminium production. From our side we can

to offer a rich experience of experts in engineering technologies, extensive research

database and the practicality of proven operations management.

Summarizing the effect of the merger, these competitive advantages will help our

companies to achieve the most vivid results even in this difficult time

what the aluminium industry is experiencing today."

24 March 2013
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