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Stainless steel from POSCO next month will drop

28 March 2013
Stainless steel from POSCO next month will drop

The special steels division of the Pohang Iron and Steel Company (POSCO)

reports on the decline in prices of some types of stainless steel products for April

contracts. The changes will affect the cost of rod and wire rod, which from the first

the next month will be cheaper, respectively, per 100,000 and 200,000

KRW (South Korean won).







group of companies (28 structures) with its head office in the South Korean city of Pohang. Main

the assets of the organization are centered around the steel industry in

the production of stainless steel, electrical and automotive alloys, hot-rolled

and of Kh/K sheet steel, plates, wire and other rolled products. In addition, among

the companies included in the structure of POSCO, there are organizations specializing in

construction business operating in the energy sector, engaged in the field of information

technologies in other industries. Structure was organized in 1968 as

a small company with a staff of 40 people. Today the organization is one

of the largest operators of global market of steel products, with annual

a speed in excess of 35 trillion. KRW.

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